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The Performance Zone

about Pete

Pete is the Owner and Creator of The Performance Zone. He is an experienced athlete, who has spent over ten years coaching people of all abilities - preparing them physically and psychologically. He relishes being involved with all aspects of fitness, sport and human development. His training methods focus on a specialised programme of strength and endurance for body and mind, sport-skills and aerobic conditioning. His areas of expertise include psychological preparation, cross-sport training and specific mindset programming tailored to your needs.

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mental performance is what ultimately drives your behaviors, habits, and routines.


The Performance Zone is what real coaching should be - simple, customized, and highly effective strategies to help athletes of all levels and high achievers reach their full potential. 

Wanting to inspire, we believe the secret to developing people is to improve their awareness. This business exists because the answers to reaching peak human performance are through being truly aware of one’s self both in body and mind. People are no longer taught the tools to overcome

self-imposed barriers, social addictions that creates anxiety, limiting beliefs or even depression. What they need is to face the right difficult questions to provide clarity – “why”, “who”, “how”, “what kind of person you want to be” and “what life you want to have”.

A coach should give you a broader view of life and the validation and confirmation that you remain on the correct pathway to achieving outstanding results.


Success only comes from setting a goal, moving towards it, step by step until you finally achieve it. 

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