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The Performance Zone

COACH service 


Learn how to read others, learn to create leaders and influence to create positive change for others


Coach Service

Learn to provide a winning mindset with communication, personal development, and behavioural profiling for individual and team athletes. Equip yourself with the ability to build your systems to self-maintain, self-initiate and self-motivate yourself and others to achieve winning results.

Coaches are also leaders

A leader has three main attributes: skill, knowledge and providing the example for others to follow. There are many similarities between this program and Corporate Coaching, as you are both leaders and seeking to become better at supporting your employees, athletes, clients or other management. You are a role model and will commonly face the challenge of “do what I say, not as I do”. If there is a difference between what you say and what you do, your clients will pay more attention to what you do.

make a difference

From being able to do and act to making a difference you must start to become a leader, then you learn more and are now more knowledgeable, the third point of the triangle is the most important, you grow to the top by being the model; by being who you can be. You become more of the person that you want to be


 Coaching heavily emphasizes the importance of leadership, relationships, and clarity


No successful coach exists without a clear understanding of why they coach, a clear purpose, and a vision of the coach they want to be. Becoming an outstanding coach is a journey. At first we are unconscious and in many cases incompetent - you don’t know what you don’t know. The next stage is conscious incompetence - you know you are learning but there are shortcomings in your results. The next step is conscious competency –you know what you are doing, and your skills are consistently excellent. However, there is a further stage still – becoming unconsciously competent in order to be outstanding, not just excellent.

Our aim is to get you to this outstanding level, by providing you with the right tools and resources for you to become the best coach for your athletes or clients.

This service is for a minimum of 6 months but for Coaching we recommend a 12 months program because it takes time to build trust and rapport when forming a coaching alliance partnership. For isolated issues that needs to be solved urgently please contact us, and we can discuss options.