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The Performance Zone

EXECUTIVe coaching


Providing entrepreneurs and business professionals with the ability to change behavioral habits, improve communication for individuals, teams with steps to improving performance


Learn to create leaders and improve your workplace environment. This is reaching out to those individuals in professions, that heavily emphasize the importance of leadership, relationships, and clarity. No successful growing high achiever exists without a clear vision and a clear purpose; otherwise that business is just going through the motions. There are many ways businesses invest to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace, but none is more powerful than focusing on professional development. A company’s greatest resource is its workforce. Within an office environment, professionals have to navigate colleagues’ emotional states, relationships, modes of learning, different mindsets, alternative strategies. The successful professional utilizes the language, and leadership skills to thrive and help others improve.

Individuals, not business systems

This service concentrates on individuals rather than business systems but coaching will positively impact the results of a business indirectly and entrepreneurial endeavours. Our Corporate Coaching is flexible and can be applied at any stage of a professional career. It can work in conjunction with in-house company development/training days, or as a standalone product that will help you know with certainty how to excel in your position or to find the perfect job for you.

This is a continuous program that reinforces positive habits so that we don’t fall back into bad habits and maintain positive momentum.


We all naturally resist change, both as individuals as well as companies. Change requires you to challenge existing beliefs. The resistance of change is automatically programmed within us – even changes that you want to happen. 

personal experience

Corporate Coaching will sometimes morph into life coaching for individuals because people can find it hard to separate their work and personal lives. An example of this is when partner relationships break up or start failing, managers, and people within a leadership role, can start to underperform due to their emotional states. Conversely, the positive momentum in your professional life can have knock on improvements to your personal life.






No successful high achiever can achieve their goals if they do not have a clear vision of what that success looks like or means to them.

The danger of striving for an unclear goal is the risk of a lack of fulfilment. ‘Burn out’ is a common danger for the most successful business people, and the best defence is self-awareness.

Becoming an outstanding professional is a journey, with the techniques that we will train and

condition you to apply you will move from unconscious incompetence to consistent conscious competency that will allow you to chase the ‘final 2mm’ to achieving outstanding results.

Our aim is to get you to this outstanding level, not just ‘good enough’, by providing you with the right tools and resources for you to become the best possible version of yourself.


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