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The Performance Zone



Ryan Miller

Age group champion and Asian Cup winner triathlete Ryan Miller uses a strong belief system and motivators to win his own mental battles.


Jesse Akister

Just some positive anchoring techniques for Australian powerlifter Jesse Akister - uses mental strategies to power through workouts and repeat high intensity performance on demand when she needs it.



Samuel Needs

Sam uses mental strategies to deliver game day performances on demand. He visualises what he needs to do in game situations. His mindset makes him the top athlete and has taken him to the level he plays at today.


Matthew pewtner

The ex-international Welsh rugby player was dealt an early retirement due to concussions, a mental battle that he had to overcome. Matt implemented many mental strategies during his years getting to the top and now uses them to guide the next generations of players to the top through coaching.



Patrick lange

2018 World Champion Patrick Lange showed unbelievable mental strength to win the monstrous Kona race 2 years in a row.


Herman Kalmer

Herman Kalmer, mountaineer, requires extreme mental toughness not only to train for the climbs, but to push through gruelling expeditions to reach summits.