About TPZ

Five Things about TPZ

1. Overcome Conventional Mistakes

TPZ was established because we recognised two fatal flaws in conventional corporate wellbeing programmes: their subjective datagathering approaches and their myopic focus on stress reduction.

2. Using Cutting Edge Technology

By contrast, TPZ uses cutting-edge technology to gather real data on a workforce allowing us to uncover the real contributors to performance and implement effective strategies.

3. Generate Real Data to Achieve Real Results

This data-driven approach allows us to demonstrate our sustainable impact in real-time metrics that individuals can observe and companies can monitor for their ESG KPIs.

4. Extensive Industry Insights

We combine this superior data with our extensive industry experience to help companies better understand their workforce, measure improvements, and convey tangible metrics to key stakeholders or investors.

5. Covered by savings in Workforce Wellbeing

These significant performance improvements can be achieved at the same time as improving workforce wellbeing and reducing healthcare insurance premiums.

The TPZ Approach
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