The TPZ Approach

A unique offering combining real world with proven mental performance techniques

Through our partnership with WHOOP, we provide individuals and companies with a unique offering that combines:

  • Daily workforce biometrics with weekly surveys aligned to KPIs
  • A comprehensive online education EMP course that allows for seamless audio and video training for large workforces with minimal disruption
  • Access to TPZ’s coaches trained in Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) on a one-on-one or group basis
  • Regular in-depth reporting, including strategies and EBITDA impact metrics that can be shared with management or stakeholders

Importance of Real Data

The People ARE the Business

If you cannot capture the right data, then any subsequent analysis will be flawed. If you see an individual, company or organisation that is failing, they’re likely collecting the wrong data or they’re analysing it incorrectly and executing sub-optimal initiatives focusing on the wrong KPIs.

Understanding your workforce is critical to enabling change to create the best environment that serves the company’s purpose and positively impacts its staff. Recognizing why and how people work and react in terms of behaviour, socially and personally, is critical. As one of our clients put it succinctly – “the People are the Business”. But typical corporate wellbeing programmes fail because the data they collect is often superficial and flawed. Without a clear understanding of an employee, how can a conventional corporate well-being advisor push them to their peak performance?

Uncover limiting beliefs to unlock value

Those companies that ignore Goodhart’s Law are doomed to destroy value. TPZ’s data-driven approach helps us to identify strategies to unlock value rather than just pursuing established KPIs. With the correct data and our insights from decades of industry experience, we can uncover limiting beliefs that are holding individuals or companies back. Furthermore, we can devise effective strategies to overcome these impediments by drawing on tenets of Sports and Performance Psychology.

Unlocking Elite Performance

Six Pillars are the foundation for any Elite Corporate Athlete

TPZ aims to instill an understanding and appreciation of the Six Pillars of Performance Excellence in all its clients. These pillars offer the framework for unlocking the full potential of any client. They allow the individual not only to reach their best but to sustain that level of performance without burning out. Lifting the performance of a workforce can be transformative in terms of overall company performance. Mental health issues in the workforce have been estimated to cost industries billions annually.

Potential impact of getting mental health in the workplace right is worth billions

Creating accountability and transparency around employee well-being is no longer a nice to have. It’s a vital part of doing business in the modern world. Leaders recognise that the physical and mental wellness of their people has a direct impact on organisational performance.

Reduce burn-out, enhance productivity, and improve workforce wellbeing

TPZ helps to provide companies with the relevant data to demonstrate that initiatives designed to support employee wellness are actually working and delivering a stronger workforce. Transparency around human capital risk is now a major demand by markets and investors. Being able to raise performance at the same time as mitigating stress and improving mental well-being should be at the core of all companies’ ESG programs.

Delivering Change

Sports Psychology and Performance science methods

TPZ uses established sports and performance tools such as MVP (mission, vision and principles) process and targeted MPM (mental performance mastery) skills to provide bespoke solutions for individuals.

They are able to first help clients develop an awareness of things that need to change. Secondly, they will help them develop a plan that harnesses that individual’s core capabilities. Lastly, they will assist in the execution of the plan, helping to review and adjust it as required to get the client to their particular goal.

Enable your company to overcome limiting beliefs

TPZ approach helps to uncover limiting beliefs, both at personal and corporate levels, and implement strategies to overcome them and thrive. In today’s competitive market, mastering these skills is essential for your workforce to thrive and for your company to pull ahead of the competition.