When does the course begin and end?

After payment, you will receive an email with access and login information. As this is a semi-self-paced online course, you choose when to begin and when to complete it. After 12 months, you lose access unless your company purchases another annual membership.

How long will my access to the course last?

After enrollment, you have access to this course for 12 months on any device you possess. When an individual enrols in one-on-one coaching, they have access to all past materials and courses to review for life. Additionally, you may review or re-watch the completed course as many times as possible within the membership period.

Is there a final examination for this course?

There is no final examination. The training will consist of a daily 2-3 minute video for four weeks. You will be able to download the offered resources. The “duration” of the course is self-guided, yet days cannot be skipped because each completed video unlocks the subsequent days. It is divided into four sections. I would propose a section per day or per week, depending on your preference. I would recommend utilising them as daily reminders of how to train your most valuable asset: your mind. Depending on your schedule and available time, you can listen in the car while commuting to work, while having coffee before you leave, or during your lunch break.

Would you consider your course a supplement to a personal development programme? Or would you suggest it instead of one?

In the office and at home, there is an immediate and pressing demand for specialised Mental Performance training. 

To master mental performance, you require a method and a mentor who can help you get started and guide you along the way. I designed this training course specifically for the busy workplace professional who is pressed for time in a fast paced environment. 
I would recommend getting the certification BEFORE you consider any leadership position, starting a business, or spending a BOATLOAD of time annually on ineffective personal development programmes. It will NEVER hurt, but you don’t need need a daily workshop for all, you need a system and a framework that is proven to help your leaders, workforce unique individuals and clients get outcomes and that is what this course is. You will also need a mentor and someone to bounce ideas off of as you learn to grasp these principles over the long term and face problems in the field, which I will supply communications and guidance in the for of a web portal, audio and visuals. 

This is precisely what you should do if you wish to enter the realm of optimal outcomes and world-class efficiency to perform your very best.

I guarantee that if you accept and implement my advice, you will reap huge benefits, as opposed to the typical weekend training that most businesses choose.
This training will educate on how to expand not your business but how you look at the systems that are used to expand your business.

Many individuals who have been instructed in these concepts have found them to be incredibly effective for company leadership, organisation, and management of themselves, which is the most essential factor to consider first and foremost. Learning to lead and manage yourself first is crucial for successfully leading others.

These performance pillars are not mutually exclusive. They collaborate in overlapping fashion. In stating that not all businesses or industries are the same, but how to improve performance to an organisation is somewhat the same—in how culture is created, what leadership styles are utilised, how well your relationships and understanding of the workforce, the focus and attention of your workforce, the discipline and communication within the company, and the processes your company needs to know in order to have high success probabilities.

A business is a group of individuals collaborating to achieve a desired result or collective output. Similar to a sports team. People are at the centre of these equations. High-performing teams in every business comprehend the concept that how you do one thing is how you do everything; how you do one thing is how you do everything.
In other words, learning and utilising these ideas of Executive Mental Performance (EMP) is the missing piece you need to take your success and the success of others to the next level, set yourself apart from the competition, and accomplish the desired results for your team and clients!