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How do you react to an obstacle in your way?

How do you react to an obstacle in your career or life?

Those that harness an elite mindset are able to overcome any obstacle by thinking outside the box, accepting adversity and cultivating processes that ensure success.

Those with an average mindset will fail to progress

Take our free mindset evaluation test and see the world from an elite perspective

Executive Mental Performance (EMP)

The crucial difference between those who achieve their definitions of success and those who do not boils down to a single factor: mental performance.

Drawing on a decade of experience coaching elite performers, this accessible course consists of 4 weeks of 5 daily episodes that help you to build a toolkit for success in all aspects of your life.

Team Optimisation & Propulsion (TOP)

According to Harvard Business Review, only 5% of employees understand their company’s strategy, making successful execution nearly impossible.

Ensure your team is in sync and understands your strategic goals using real time data.

Pathway to Value (P2V)

By applying industry expertise with state of the art technology that is able to generate real time workforce data we are able to review current operations and pinpoint areas for improvement that will lift EBITDA and other KPIs within 12 months of execution.

We have successfully applied this approach to major diversified mining companies and increased EBITDA by $1.5bn.

Leave the Competition Behind

For every £1 spent on mental health, employers recoup £5

With a more constructive approach, this figure could be many times bigger

Mastering these skills will allow your workforce to thrive and enable your company to pull ahead of the competition

75% improvement in productivity in 6 weeks

A client in the GCC requested assistance in improving the consistency of performance across its sites.

TPZ undertook a pilot study using its bespoke TOP program that brings together real-time data with proven methods

Results were seen within 6 weeks and significant and consistent improvement from 10 weeks onwards.

Our Clients’ Feedback

“We saw amazing improvements in our teams’ performance within weeks of TPZ supporting us and they’ve been sustained ever since”

Olayan Al Harbi
Director of Operations

The Six Pillars

Elite Mindset

Elite Mindset, Motivation, Focus & Awareness

Your elite mindset, focus, awareness, commitment, and motivation are all required to compete confidently and overcome any and all adversity. Learn how to maximise your potential.

Routines & Habits

Routines & Habits of Excellence

Routines and habits are strategies for unlocking value so that you can become consistent machines that operate at their peak on a constant basis.

Process Over Outcome

Process over
Outcome — Self-Control and Discipline

Understanding a process allows you to define it and learn to measure your own version of success that you can control.

Mental Imagery & Meditation

Mental Imagery and Meditation

Mental imagery is an excellent way to develop confidence and overcome nervousness.  Meditation is the process of visualising yourself acting the way you want to to build internal confidence. 

Time Management

Time Management & Organisation

You can not find extra time, but you can prioritise how you spend your time. Manage your energy and focus instead of your time.

Leadership & Culture

Leadership & Culture

Behaviour creates culture. Who we attract is who we get, not what we want. Many companies try to improve company culture but fail at an important part: changing employee behavior to create the desired culture. Success is determined by the environment provided.

Meet the Team

Peter Judge


Peter Judge

Peter is an elite mental performance coach who has adapted the winning methodology for successful athletes to apply to the executive sector. He established The Performance Zone to provide bespoke solutions for corporate athletes to provide specific targeted outcomes and improve overall productivity and well-being. The Performance Zone is results-oriented and uses the latest wearable technology through a partnership with WHOOP so that its clients can use real-world data to inform and improve performance.

He practices what he preaches so his clients can see how he applies the same skills he teaches during competitions or in the boardroom. He is an accomplished extreme athlete, having completed numerous Ironman competitions around the world. By teaming up with Wittelsbach Consulting Group as Director of Mental Performance, he is able to bring a new dimension to Technical Asset Reviews as well as provide the Wittelsbach client network with the opportunity to enhance their workforce wellbeing, operational results and meet their ESG goals.


Alexander Millar


Alexander Millar

Alexander has over 15 years of experience in the Natural Resources sector, working in London, Sydney and the Middle East. He has been a trusted advisor to FTSE 100 companies’ boards on significant capital decisions ($25bn in the last 3 years) and has run over $2bn of M&A transactions. He has advised Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, Trafigura, Rio Tinto, First Quantum, Kingsgate Consolidated and Osaka Gas as well as Al Rajhi Holdings and Alcazar Capital.

With an extensive professional network, he is able to bring together a team of seasoned technical professionals and executives to undertake commercial and technical reviews for both miners and investors. This was how he met Peter Judge and they decided to bring TPZ under the Wittelsbach umbrella of companies. By undertaking a holistic approach to asset reviews, including Mental Performance, TPZ and Wittelsbach can unlock immediate EBITDA gains as well as position its clients to meet broader strategic/industry goals.

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