Strategy is only ever as good as its execution

TPZ offers bespoke programs for individuals, small groups, and large corporations.

Strategy is only ever as good as its execution – the key marker of an elite corporate athlete or organisation is the conversion of goals into impact. Regardless of whether it is honing a high-performing executive or optimising a workforce of thousands, our aim is to provide the tools, guidance, and crucially the real data tracking/monitoring to deliver tangible improvements.

Our Services

Executive Mental Performance (EMP)

The crucial difference between those who achieve their definitions of success and those who do not boils down to a single factor: mental performance.

Drawing on a decade of experience coaching elite performers, this accessible course consists of 4 weeks of 5 daily episodes that help you to build a toolkit for success in all aspects of your life.

Team Optimisation & Propulsion (TOP)

According to Harvard Business Review, only 5% of employees understand their company’s strategy, making successful execution nearly impossible.

Ensure your team is in sync and understands your strategic goals using real time data.

Pathway to Value (P2V)

By applying industry expertise with state of the art technology that is able to generate real time workforce data we are able to review current operations and pinpoint areas for improvement that will lift EBITDA and other KPIs within 12 months of execution.

We have successfully applied this approach to major diversified mining companies and increased EBITDA by $1.5bn.